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Ducted Air Con Installation Brisbane

Have greater control over the temperature of your home with a reverse cycle ducted air conditioner from JEQ Air. An increasingly more popular option across Brisbane, ducted air conditioning provides heating or cooling across the entire house while still being incredibly energy efficient. Our high quality ducted air conditioning installations will provide your family with a fantastic ducted system that is both energy efficient and smart. We know that you will love your new ducted air conditioner.

We don’t just provide ducted air conditioning for new homes! If you have an already built home but want the advantages of ducted air conditioning talk to us today. Our range of ducted systems can fit into a wide range of homes, old and new, providing you with a comfortable home.

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Ducted Air Conditioning Features

Ducted air conditioning utilises a single outdoor unit plus an air handling unit within the roof to provide cooling or heating for your entire home. Air is pumped through a series of ducts installed in your roof to these units. They then cool down each room that is connected to the system.

Ducted air conditioning is extremely energy efficient when zones and other smart technologies are utilised. When your system is installed the entire network is mapped and turned into zones. These zones can then be opened or closed at the push of the button, allowing you to control whether that room is cooled or not. This can save a lot of energy, allowing rooms that you are not using to receive no cooling. Newer systems even go beyond this, integrating smart technologies to automatically control the distribution of cooling across the home. By integrating motion sensors and temperature sensors the system can automatically adjust itself to provide increased cooling in hotter rooms and reduced cooling in empty rooms.

JEQ Air smart home system for air conditioning

Our ducted air conditioning systems offer smart connectivity to provide unique connected features. These can provide you with extra features that makes it easier to control your ducted air conditioner, whether it be from the built in touch screen or your phone. No more accidentally leaving the air conditioner on at home! The MyAir application can also help you save energy with its simple to set up zoning feature and when combined with optional motion sensors can save you a lot on your power bill. Here are some major features of MyAir:

Hub touch screen – My Air comes with an 8 inch touch screen that allows you to control your homes air conditioning. As it is running android it can even browse the web and more.

MyAir app – Control your home from your pocket anywhere in the world with the MyAir app for phones. It works on iPhones and selected Android phones.

Zone control – Divide your house up into up to 10 zones allowing you to fine tune the cooling across the house. When the optional motion sensors are added the system will be able to reduce the power used cooling a room that no one is in.

Scheduling and timers – want a cool house when you get home from work but don’t want to leave the air conditioning on all day? Take advantage of MyAir’s scheduling that allows you to choose when your air conditioner is on without you having to lift a finger.

Works with all major brands – You don’t have to sacrifice your choice of air conditioner for MyAir. As long as your air conditioner has built in smart features it will work!

Make Ducted Air Conditioning the right choice

The major benefit of ducted air conditioning is its energy efficiency when cooling an entire home. Ducted air conditioning can also be more affordable than other air conditioning systems to install across your entire home. By installing ducted air conditioning in your home, you will have a versatile system that will allow you to heat or cool any room across your house.

By utilising smart technologies and combining them with far more energy efficient outdoor and indoor units, ducted air conditioning is the perfect addition to any home. If you are upgrading from an older split cycle system you will find your house transformed. Not only will the system be more intelligent with smart technology it will also be more versatile and could potentially be more energy efficient.

Our Brisbane Installation Process

We take pride in all installations of ducted air conditioning across Brisbane. By ensuring that each unit installed is of the highest quality we provide you with a ducted air conditioner that your family will love.

Our installation process is as painless as possible, as we partner with you to ensure that we can easily install your new system. Whether you have an old house or a new house we will install a high quality ducted air conditioner that will provide your family incredible cooling through Brisbane’s summers.

Feel comfortable in your home with a JEQ Air installed air conditioner.

Our Brisbane Suppliers

We work with the highest quality suppliers to ensure that your family has the best experience with your new ducted air conditioner. Our reputation as a high quality ducted air conditioner supplier across Brisbane is important to us. We have worked hard to ensure that our Brisbane customers love their new system. By partnering with JEQ Air you will know that you are getting the best customer service and the highest quality ducted air conditioning from our hand picked suppliers. So what are you waiting for? Contact JEQ Air today.