Split Air Conditioning

Split System Air Conditioning Installation Brisbane

Quiet, cool, affordable, split system air conditioners are one of the most common forms of air conditioning in homes across Brisbane. Split system air conditioning combines fantastic cooling for most homes, great energy efficiency and virtually silent running to provide an air conditioning system your family will love.

If you have an older split system air conditioner you will see a night and day difference in terms of long term costs, noise reduction and environmental friendliness. Newer systems also benefit from the advances in smart home technologies that will enable your air conditioner to become even more convenient.

You will love our range of split system air conditioners that combine energy efficiency with smart features. Our suppliers are chosen based on the quality of their products and the extra benefits they can offer our customers. Afterall, we want your family to love their new air conditioner.

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The power of split system air conditioning

A split air conditioner provides a quiet, energy efficient experience for your familyThe split in its name refers to the way the compressor and other noisy components are physically split away from the indoor system and placed outside. Meanwhile, the fan, air filter and cooling coil are placed inside the indoor unit. The two systems are then connected via wires and tubing. This system allows the indoor unit to remain virtually silent and sleek, while the outdoor unit provides the heavy lifting. The outdoor units tend to be noisy, however, indoors you do not notice a difference.  

Why get a split system air conditioner

A split system air conditioner is perfect for when you want an affordable air conditioning option or only want to cool a single room. Due to its simplicity in installation a split system air conditioner is much cheaper and easier to install into most homes. JEQ Air will install the interior unit then run piping and wiring through the wall to the exterior unit on the other side. We can also connect multiple interior units to one exterior unit known as multi split. This provides a consistent temperature across the room and can allow two rooms to also maintain the same temperature.  

Split system air conditioners also come in multiple sizes allowing a single unit to easily cool most room sizes. If you only want your living room or master bedroom air conditioned, then a split system air conditioner will be perfect for you. They can be installed in and cool a single room.   

 If you have an old split system air conditioner, you will see a huge difference upgrading to a new system. Not only will it look far more modern it will also be drastically more energy efficient, and quieter. Plus, new systems contain many smart features that transform the way you use your air conditioner, allowing you to save energy and have a cooler home. If you still have an old air conditioning system now is the time to upgrade.   


Partner with JEQ Air for Split System Installation

We have worked hard to ensure that our reputation for being the best split system air conditioning installer across Brisbane sticks. Our goal is to provide all of our customers a split system air conditioner that they will love. We understand how important air conditioning is to Brisbane families during summer and how useful their heating can be, so we provide high quality installations from only the best suppliers. Brisbane families love that we also care about the long term impacts split air conditioners have upon them. By choosing the most energy efficient systems with smart features that help families take control of their costs means that Brisbane families feel less of a pinch come future power bill time. Choose a split system air conditioning installer that cares, choose JEQ Air.  


JEQ's new Smart Home Air Conditioning System For the Further

Most split system air conditioners we supply offer smart connectivity to provide unique connected features. These can provide you with extra features that makes it easier to control your split system air conditioner, whether it be from the built in touch screen or your phone. No more accidentally leaving the air conditioner on at home! The MyAir application can also help you save energy with its simple to set up zoning feature and when combined with optional motion sensors can save you a lot on your power bill. Here are some major features of MyAir: 

  • Hub touch screen – My Air comes with an 8 inch touch screen that allows you to control your homes air conditioning. As it is running android it can even browse the web and more.  
  • MyAir app – Control your home from your pocket anywhere in the world with the MyAir app for phones. It works on iPhones and selected Android phones.  
  • Zone control – Divide your house up into up to 10 zones allowing you to fine tune the cooling across the house. When the optional motion sensors are added the system will be able to reduce the power used cooling a room that no one is in.  
  • Scheduling and timers – want a cool house when you get home from work but don’t want to leave the air conditioning on all day? Take advantage of MyAir’s scheduling that allows you to choose when your air conditioner is on without you having to lift a finger.  
  • Works with all major brands – You don’t have to sacrifice your choice of air conditioner for MyAirAs long as your air conditioner has built in smart features it will work!


Our Brisbane Suppliers

JEQ Air has meticulously selected high quality suppliers for our split systems to ensure that our customers will love their air conditioner. It is very important to us that every split system air conditioner we install provides your family with the best experience possible. That is why we have partnered with some of the highest quality brands on the market to provide you with fantastic, affordable split system air conditioning.